R-A-M-P stands for Research Article Medium of Publication. It is a free research publication portal partially funded by ABCD Index. This portal provides publications in an international journal listed in the ABCD Index RAMP program. Motive behind initiating this portal is to encourage research and development activities. Research scholars get support in publication and sharing the research work with the people around the world.

How RAMP publishes so fast

ABCD Index has more than 10k reviewers registered in almost all fields of research on their platform. RAMP generally uses an AI tool for allocating the research papers/articles to the reviewers having the same field of research or department. Apart from peer reviewing this AI tool also inspect the research for authenticity and plagiarism before allocating to the concern. With the help of this tool, generally the time consuming reviewing process becomes simple and less time taking which results in fast publications.


  • Provide a common platform for researchers and journals to interact.
  • Ensure research publication as per the quality of the content.
  • Ensure reach of the research work to the targeted audience.
  • Encourage innovative research and development activities in underprivileged areas across the world.
  • Provide equal opportunities to all the academic and research individuals.
  • Increase  citations for the research work.

Benefits of publishing via ABCD Index RAMP

  • Free of cost publications. (Depends on journals)
  • Get DOI for the published work. (depends on journal’s policies)
  • Get a good number of citations.
  • Open access database.
  • Get opportunity to list  in ABCD Index Explore.
  • Don't need to pay APC or any hidden charges.
  • Get your own page to share information, subscribe and follow other researchers.
  • Increase the number of followers on your page.
  • Get a certificate of publication.