International conference on Research of Mechanical Design, Automation and Materials 2023, is organized by ABCD Index Department of Mechanical Engineering. Conference well covers a wide range of engineering fields and is very important in many businesses, including manufacturing, automobile, aerospace, energy, robots, and many more. Conference includes research area of design, analysis of components, machinery, structures, as well as the development of processes, materials for manufacturing and assembly. Scholars, researchers can showcase their knowledge about physics, materials science, thermodynamics, design, automation and mechanics to solve difficult problems and make ideas come to life. As technology keeps getting better, the mechanical area is always changing to meet new challenges and take advantage of new chances. Emerging areas like mechatronics, robotics, additive manufacturing (3D printing), and green energy systems are changing the face of mechanical engineering and opening up exciting opportunities for innovation and sustainable growth.


This conference help researchers to get latest research trends in the field of design, manufacturing, automation related to mechanical domain. So following are the objective of conference:

  • Get new research domain that will increase the safety, reliability on machines and its designs. 
  • Learn the proposed solutions for the potential hazards, failure modes, and risks associated with the mechanical components, systems.
  • Provide a platfrom to the Innovation and creative solutions in field of materials, Design and technologies. Explore ideas that optimize the system performance that includes energy efficiency, speed, precision, durability, and overall performance metrics relevant to the specific application.
  • Specially highlight the solutions that works for the environmental sustainability such as energy efficiency, recyclability, use of environmentally friendly materials, and reducing the ecological footprint of the designed systems or products.