Conference Overview

International Conference on Electronics and Communication Research Trends (ICECRT) 2023, organized to highlight the issues and requirement that can be resolved by electronics field researcher. Conference is a gathering of scholars, researchers, Professors, Industry experts, etc. so knowledge exchange done. Conference is organize on 22-23 September, 2023. Its going to be a HYBRID event so you can participate In-Person at Bhopal MP, India or Virtually from your home or work. 

Most of the conference are going with publication objective but knowledge sharing and network buiding is missing hence this need to be overcome by starting new trend. Organizer is working hard to get back the conference real motive of discussion and learning in this event. Experts and researchers showcase work to each other related to circuit designs, IOT, Wireless Networks, Antennas, etc. This platfrom not only help to show work but also take advice from the expert by various means like lectures, discussion, etc. Building a network between the researchers pf electronic field is primary objective of the conference organizer ABCD Index Department of Electronics and Communication. Knowledge should be free and available to everyone hence publication is done on open source platform Explore of ABCD Index. 


  •  Finding Current issues, new research area in Electronics Field.
  •  Resources to address issues and tentative solutions. 
  •  Network buiding of similar minds.
  •  Learn from the experts and presented research work.

Hence this conference not only present current senario of the work but also finds new dimension for the young scholars.